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Mar. 25th, 2010 07:36 pm
[personal profile] jenn_unplugged
Thanks for all the suggestions and comments on my last post!

So, everything has changed now. We spent an entire day test driving cars about a week ago, and almost bought a Hyundai Santa Fe. We took a car seat with us and stuck it behind the driver's seat of at least 20 different vehicles, to make sure a RF car seat would fit behind me while I drive. Very few vehicles passed that test. Well, very few that weren't huge SUVs or minivans.

Anyway, we were sitting there in the Hyundai dealership, having made an offer on that Santa Fe (the car seat didn't fit in the Tucson), and I suddenly realized with a bolt of anxiety that this was not the car I wanted. It's a perfectly nice vehicle, but it's not for me, not right now. So when the sales guy came back with a counter-offer, we said "no thanks!" and walked out. And I never regretted it, not at all.

What I really want is, well, the car I have now. But a little bigger, and newer, and with some nicer interior features. So we went to the BMW dealership to see what they had to offer. We drove an X3 and a gorgeous used X5 (both SUVs), but they still didn't feel right. So there it was, no SUV -- not even a BMW one.

And you know, I really don't want a huge SUV or a minivan. I will likely end up with a minivan at some point, but I just don't need that much space yet. At the moment, we have one child. We might have another, and we might not. I don't know yet what's going to happen there, and though I want to make sure my new car choice can accommodate that infant car seat, I don't want to be limited by it, KWIM? It's sort of pointless to buy a vehicle based on a hypothetical second child. Not to mention potentially depressing, if it never happens.

We started looking at the 5-series sedans then, and the moment I got behind the wheel of one, I was all, "YEAH, BABY." I can even get one the exact same color as my 3-series sedan so really, it looks like I'm going to get my car, only bigger and newer and a little fancier. And yes, a RFing car seat does indeed fit behind the driver's seat with me sitting in it, just in case. :-)

We're going to go back this weekend and see if we can make a deal. They have a great selection of used cars, and the new 528i models are on sale at a good price. So maybe on Saturday, I'll get a new car.

I think this is the right choice, I really do. It's been surprisingly hard, but I learned that I'm really not an SUV person -- despite trying it on for a few weeks. This made Doug extremely happy, as he hates SUVs and thinks they should be banned from the planet. The thought of possibly buying one was really hard for him to contemplate, though he was gracious about letting me make the decision about the car I wanted. And I learned that I love my BMW, heh. I'll let y'all know what happens on Saturday!
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