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Because I tend to set my goals by the semester:

1. Go back on diet. Lose 20 pounds by Christmas. This is a subgoal of "Lose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday".

2. Go to the gym more. Three times a week would be awesome. Weekly yoga class would be very cool as well.

3. Get the kitchen and bathrooms painted. Explore options at Lowes/Home Depot for cool new vessel sink for the downstairs bathroom.

4. Sort through all of Carter's baby stuff, give to Goodwill or sell on CL/eBay. *sniffle*

5. Clean everything out of storage room and redesign it as a playroom for Carter!

6. Reorganize the DVD collection in the home theater room; install new shelving units.

7. Plant herb garden when it cools off enough, and think about doing a lettuce garden in the fall.

8. Acquire patio furniture for the deck. Something comfy and outdoor-living-roomish.

9. Get pedicures more regularly.

10. When it cools off enough, explore greenbelt hiking trails with Carter. (Now that he's old enough to actually go for walks!)

Date: 2010-08-23 09:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] merrywandering.livejournal.com
Whoa! That's a lotta goals! Good luck with it!

Ain't it the truth, though? For people connected with education, the start of the year is August/September. These are your new year's resolutions!

And welcome back!

(What are greenbelt hiking trails?)

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