Okay, I really need to finish posting my travelogue from our trip to Africa last summer. Maybe I can get that done this weekend. We spent several days at one of our favorite camps in Botswana, Duba Plains. It's an incredibly special place because the lions there specialize in hunting buffalo. The interesting thing is that the buffalo fight back! We were there for the second time last summer, and there was a National Geographic film crew there making a documentary about the lion-buffalo interaction. We saw them in action, which was really cool.

And the film is going to premiere this Sunday at 9:00 EST on the National Geographic channel!!! It's called Relentless Enemies, and we've seen some amazing trailers for it already. (You can see a preview on that site.) OMG so excited! We have it set to be Tivo'd, but we'll definitely be watching it! If you have that channel, I'll really encourage you to check it out, because it's going to be awesome. And I've actually seen those lions! Those particular lions!

We're heading back to Botswana and Duba Plains in March, actually, and we can't wait to see Tsara and the Duba Boys again! Oh, and the staff at Duba and our awesome guides James and Chief, too, of course! ;-)
We're back home now and jet-lagged, though happy to have a day to get rested and back on track. I'm going to continue to post every day until I get all of this posted, which will take at least a week. So there will be lots of photos and descriptions of our experiences!

On to Botswana )

I'll post the rest of our stay at Xigera tomorrow.

I had an interesting conversation with the guy driving the bus at the airport when I was going to get the car last night. He asked where I was coming from and I said southern Africa, and he seemed really shocked. The conversation went something like this:

Him: Isn't it really dangerous?
Me: Uh... no, not really. Not any more than New York City, at least.
Him: I mean, they live in huts and stuff, right? They don't have cities or anything.
Me: They have cities in Africa.
Him: Really? Real cities with tall buildings?
Me: Um, yeah. Just like here. Nairobi is a big city, and so is Johannesburg, and--
Him: But other people went to Africa and built those cities, right?
Me: [stunned] Sorry?
Him: You know, people went there to live and they built the cities.
Me: [picking jaw off of floor] Uh... the people who live there built the cities. You know, like the people who live here built Austin?
Him: Really? Wow. I didn't know that.

I really wanted to say something along the lines of, "You know, black people actually are capable of building their own cities. Oh, and not everyone in Africa is dirt poor and living in a hut, you ignorant ass." But you know, you can't say things like that, really. No matter how much you want to. :-P
We're in Zurich at the moment sitting in the Swiss Air lounge. We got here around 7:00 and our flight starts boarding at noon, so we've had time just to hang out. It isn't bad, actually. We had a chance to shower and change clothes, and there's food and all sorts of beverages available in the lounge. And the coffee... Oh, I haven't had decent coffee in weeks, let alone stunningly good Swiss coffee. *happy sigh*

Anyway, here's the rest of our time in Namibia. )

Next post tomorrow!
Internet access! Wow! We're in the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, waiting for our flight to Zurich to start boarding. So I thought I'd go ahead and start posting my immense travelogue. I'll post a bit at a time, probably once a day until it's done. We'll be home late Sunday night.

Namibia -- lots of photos! )

I'll continue when we get to Zurich. We have a seven-hour layover there...
Saturday, June 18, 2005

We've spent the last few days in Cape Town, South Africa. This was a city we visited two years ago, and I wasn't really sure we needed to come back. We had a negative experience with our tour guide then; she was a middle-aged white woman from Pretoria, and she still held the views most older white folks here hold about black people. She was unapologetic, and it was strange. You'd think that people in the tourism industry would be a little more open-minded. Of course, she took us where she wanted to go, not where we wanted to go, over our objections. We left thinking we didn't really need to come back.

But we decided to come back, because... )

Wine tour! )

South African wine recommendations from our tasting notes )

Pictures from the wine country )

Rose petal bath! )
I will have email access for a few more days before we head into the bush, so I'll update at least once more after this. then I'll be incommunicado for two weeks! Expect a bunch of picture posts in July when we return. :-) Feel free to leave comments, too. I never have any idea how many people are following my travelogues!

Three days in London, with pictures )

Ewan McGregor!!! )

Last day in London )
And here are the rest of the pictures.Africa pictures, part 2 )
We're heading out tomorrow for our big summer trip, and we're both excited! We're going to London first for a few days, then on to Capetown, South Africa, and we'll spend two weeks in the bush in Botswana and Namibia! I'll be keeping a journal and taking lots of pictures, so be sure to check back in early July to see lots of photos and to hear all about it.

We were in Africa two years ago.  I was going through our old photos and found some really amazing wildlife shots!  It's hard to believe I took them, to be honest.  (Not that I'm a good photographer... It's a good camera.) I'll post them here behind a cut. There are a ton of them, so the next post will have the rest of them. Enjoy!

Africa photos, Part 1 )

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