The squirrels that live in our yard have no serious predators, and they're big and fat and fearless. They like to lie on the railings of our deck and stare into the windows. This drives the cats crazy, of course, and the squirrels just lie there. It's almost like they're taunting the cats!

Cat food!

Apr. 8th, 2009 07:34 pm
I was listening to Cat Chat today (a radio show) and learned that dry kibble is actually not very good for cats. Apparently you're really supposed to feed them wet food only, based on recent research.

Well, my cats have been trying to tell me that for years, I guess.
I posted a cartoon by this guy once before, but this one seriously had me laughing so hard I was crying. If you have a cat, this will have you ROFLing. Even if you don't, OMG. Must see!

We have two cats, Gabi and Lucy, aged 11 and 8, respectively. They are as different as cats can be.

In the last two months, Gabi has suddenly decided that she loves our shower. Obsessively. She hangs out in it, especially early in the morning when she knows one of us is about to get in. We have to kick her out to turn on the water, and then she sits outside and stares in anxiously while we shower. The moment the water turns off, she starts meowing and scratching on the door until it's opened. Then she rushes in and stands under the shower head while it drips on her. She meows at it likes it's annoying her, but she just gets wet and licks the water off and keeps standing there. For half an hour or more.

Pictures of the weirdness )

On another topic, Lucy is a total lapcat. She's been losing her lap of late, but she stubbornly refuses to give it up, as evidenced by the picture beneath the cut.

Lucy desperately clinging to my pregnant belly )

Ah, my kitties!

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