A massive storm is passing over Austin right now, and we had some insane hail!

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It has rained here almost every day for the last three weeks, and on many of those days it didn't just sprinkle all day, but rained hard for hours on end. And bizarrely, we're still technically under drought conditions.

We live near Lake Travis, which has been really low all winter, the lowest I've seen it since moving here. Before the recent rain started, it was at 647 feet, so low that there were islands popping up all over the place. After three weeks of rain, it's now at 654 feet. That doesn't seem like very much, but then, it is a big lake. (It's full at 681 feet.)

As much as I like the lake being full and pretty, the grass green, and the wildflowers popping up everywhere, it could seriously stop raining any time now. But no -- it's predicted to continue for as long as they dare to forecast. And you know what really annoys me? By the time the rain stops, it will be 90 degrees and massively humid from here on out. Straight into summer. No spring whatsoever. :-(
This evening I opened my front door and there was a little bird lying on my front stoop. It was stunned, but alive. I didn't know what to do, but I decided to pick it up. There was a drool spot on the concrete where its little beak had been. It seemed nervous about being picked up, but it didn't flutter or try to get away, and it didn't seem to have any injuries. It didn't appear to be a juvenile -- though I don't know what kind of bird it was. (I know so little about wildlife.)

Edit: It was a cedar waxwing, I'm told.

I took it in the house long enough to gather up a box to put it in, and then took it out back before the cats could notice. I didn't hold it tight or anything; it just sat there in my hand and looked around the house. I made up a little box for it with paper towels to make it soft, and took the bird out back. When I tried to lower it to the box, it moved for the first time -- and wrapped its little feet tightly around one of my fingers, as if to say, "No!" I didn't know what to do, so I stood there on my back deck with this little wild bird in my hand for a good ten minutes.

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