I just watched Last Holiday on TV, and I was so utterly charmed! What a wonderful movie! I can't believe I didn't see it before. It's one of those movies I think I could watch over and over. That got me thinking about other movies I can watch over and over, and here are a few of them:

Star Wars and all the sequels/prequels
Harry Potter and all the sequels. Except Chamber of Secrets. I don't like that one. :-P
A Little Romance
Lost in Translation
Groundhog Day

I'm sensing a theme here... I know there are a lot more, and I'll have to add to this list as I think of them.

What are yours?
Rita told me about this film, and the preview alone made me cry. It's called The Business of Being Born and it's about the birth industry in the US. It's being released in January, though not widely. I want to see it!

You can watch the preview HERE. If you have ever given birth or will be doing so in the future, check it out. It looks like it will be a powerful film.

There is an interesting blog post about the film here.
I dropped Doug off at the airport this morning. He's on his way to China, and he'll be there all week. We've sent a solid month together, which is rare and awesome, and I miss him already. I'm glad he'll be home his weekend, but it will still be very quiet around here without him.

We watched lots of movies this weekend... )

We went to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, and I was underwhelmed. On their website they say that they were voted one of the top five farmer's markets in the country, but I find it hard to believe. There are three farmer's markets in Austin, and I don't think this one is any better than the one downtown. Still, we got some stuff to cook over the weekend, which was nice.

Brief embryo update: I have nothing, really. Except that they (if they're still there) were a week old on Saturday. They should be in the process of implanting now (see this site for an explanation). The progesterone shots are going fine, and starting tonight I'll be going to a clinic to get them. Saturday (testing day) seems a long way off!
1. The diet is going well! I have lost 4 pounds according to my scale, which is pretty amazing. I know that sort of progress won't continue, but it's great to see it working so well right away. My clothes feel a little looser than they did a week ago, and that really encourages me to keep going! I managed to eat about 1800 calories a day last week, though on the weekend it was 2100.

More diet stuff )

Papa update )

Rita and Quincy )

Movies )

Farmer's market )

There was more (like that we went to see The Lion King Saturday night), but I need to run, so I'll stop there. It was great to have a weekend to spend together!

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