Wow, the week is really flying by! Days are starting to bleed together a bit, and I'm going to be sad to see it end. Partly because we're having such a great time, but also because it's the beginning of about a month of us not seeing much of each other.

Monday through Wednesday )
We've been here for a week, and we're really feeling settled in. We leave a week from today, sadly, though we have a quick overnight in London to ease the trip home.

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Today (Thursday) is a national holiday and lots of stuff is closed. So we decided to sleep in and take it easy. But yesterday was pretty exciting.

We saw the Pope! )

For reference, here are two posts about Rome I made when we were here two years ago. I wonder if I'll wind up taking the same pictures all over again? [ one | two ]

One of these days I'll make a travel icon too...
It is HOT here! I love this city, but OMG so hot!

Yes, I know -- I live in Texas, and before that I lived in Arizona, so I should be used to heat, right? Well, I'm used to living in hot places that have air conditioning. In general, Italy is not one of them. Ah, but when in Rome, as they say...

sweat like the Romans do... )

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