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This was reported in the NY Times, incidentally. It's big news in Austin: Chris Comer, the director of Science Education at the Texas Education Agency, was forced apparently to resign after forwarding an email to her colleagues about a talk on evolution vs. creationism/"intelligent design". I know I shouldn't be surprised, because this is Texas, after all, but it's just stunning to me that someone would be punished for arguing that we should teach actual science in science classes, and not religion. I mean, seriously -- is it any wonder our kids are falling behind compared to the rest of the world in math and science? There are no other industrialized countries in which teaching kids science is controversial.

Someone forwarded this link to me today which I think sums up the issue very nicely. (A satire, in case it isn't obvious.) An excerpt:

In an effort to make math “more relevant to today’s third-graders — the future of our great country,” the recently adopted textbook questions the “old wives’ tale” that 2 + 2 = 4.

“Many families are uncomfortable with such rigid, formuliac thinking,” said the book’s publisher, Tatiana Rococo, CEO, COO and Secretary/Treasurer of Hot Off the Press, an Ardmore, Oklahoma-based textbook consortium that vows it “wants to keep its mind open when it comes to math and out of the gutter when it comes to everything else.”

“People like to say 2 + 2 = 4 — like it was a proven fact,” said Ms. Rococo, an Ardmore native who says she dabbles in mathematical pursuits such as astrology, bingo and paint-by-numbers works of art that decorate her sunken living room in her suburban home. “But that’s so not true! Not every mathematician agrees. In fact, there’s lots of controversy about that so-called ‘fact.’

If it weren't so close to the truth, it would be a lot funnier. :-P

Home again

Apr. 27th, 2006 09:20 am
Taking a lovely hot bath with just a little bit of a Lush bath bar crumbled in for the fragrance is great, but turning on the jacuzzi jets and then lying back and closing your eyes for a while?  Not such a good idea.  I didn't feel the bubbles until they were up to my chin, and they almost spilled over the side!  I was covered with foam when I got out, with no way to get to the water to rinse them off.  I had to wipe the bubbles off with a towel!  Not one of the brightest things I've ever done.  :-P

In hormone injection news: yeow!  My entire pelvic area felt achy and swollen all day yesterday, and still does today, though it's a little better.  I go in for my scan tomorrow morning, and I'm looking forward to seeing what all this discomfort has gotten me.  :-P

ETA: I asked around and someone gave me a link to information about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. My symptoms fit into the "mild" category, but it's still good to know what's going on.

ETA2: I called the doctor to let them know what my symptoms are, and they want me to come in today to see what's going on. If this ends up meaning this cycle isn't going to work, I'm really going to be crushed. :-(

ETA3: Hmmm. Doctor says there's nothing wrong as far as he could tell and dismissed my symptoms. I don't actually feel very good about that, and of course, I didn't push the issue because (after an hour of waiting in the exam room) I was really late for my office hour and needed to leave. I'm ready to move on to a specialist, I think. This will be my last cycle there. I'm just not sure he's doing everything that could be done.

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