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I think it's probably not a coincidence that I've had this burst of reorganization energy at the same time as I've been getting myself healthy. I have so much more energy than I did a few months ago, and it makes me want to get things done.

I've been watching what I eat and exercising at least three times a week for 6 weeks now, and I'm down 16 pounds! My fairly lofty goal was to lose 20 pounds by Halloween, and now that's looking like it will probably happen! When I started this I was a size 20 and even those were getting tight. I'm now in an 18, and those are loose. Yesterday I put on several pairs of size 16 pants just for the heck of it, and I could definitely get them all on, though they were way too tight to actually wear. But another 10 pounds and I will definitely be wearing those pants. That's exciting, and incredibly motivating. I have a long way to go, though. I want to lose a total of 60 pounds, which would get me back down to the weight I was when we started TTC. Infertility put 60 pounds on me, and I'm really ready to put that part of my life behind me! I'm 25% of the way there.

Okay, on to the garage. This was something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and when it finally got a little cooler a few weeks ago, it seemed like a good time to start this project. It took us two weekends to get it done (really two days spread over two weekends).

Here are the before pictures. The garage is really tall and we had all of our stuff piled up on the floor for the most part.


The back left corner was full of boxes we moved nine years ago and haven't really opened since. Carter's toys are piled in there as well. There are two cars that live in this garage, and we were stepping over Carter's toys to get out the door, to open the refrigerator, and so on.


There was so much stuff stacked on the right side of the garage that it was actually difficult to open the passenger side doors on my car.


So we bought some shelving at Lowe's, went through boxes, threw a bunch of stuff away and hauled several carloads of stuff to Goodwill. Getting the shelves up turned out to be a harder task than we'd anticipated. Carter played while we worked and generally stayed out of the way.

Here are the results! Somehow the pictures don't show how dramatic a difference it made. Getting stuff up on the walls and clearing the floor makes the space feel bigger and cleaner. Just walking in there feels so totally different now than it did before!


The corner that was full of boxes has been cleared and is now a space for Carter's toys. Rubbermaid makes these cool strips you can put on the wall and put all kinds of hooks on. We have his bike and scooter hung up there, and we put a ball rack there as well. Notice that there's very little piled on top of the fridge now!


On the other side we got rid of the cheapo shelving unit, cleared the floor, and then put more of those hanging strips on the walls to organize our tools, lawn chairs, and some small things. There is so much space on the side now that it makes the garage feel several feet wider. I also put up a cheapo $5 temporary shade. I will eventually put up something more permanent, but that was all I felt like doing today. :-P


One more view of the shelves. The big red bags contain our ginormous Christmas tree, which had been in its original falling-apart cardboard box. That seemed like a much better storage solution. In general, the Christmas decorations will be a lot easier to get to! I will probably organize them better after Christmas, but for now, this will do. We have room for another set of shelves on the left, but we don't actually need the storage space yet, so we'll do that when the time comes.


So there we are! A much cleaner, better organized garage. :-)
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