One year!

Jan. 9th, 2009 12:06 pm
One year ago yesterday, Carter was delivered and whisked off to the NICU, while I spent the next few days in the ICU recovering from severe pre-eclampsia. Despite my begging and arguing, it took more than 24 hours for a pump to be delivered to my room, and so it was one year ago today that I started pumping.

It took more than 5 months to get him fully transitioned to nursing, but he never had more than about a teaspoon of formula. We're doing BLW, and so he is still basically 80% BF. I love the fact that he is made almost entirely out of ME, that every part of him is made mostly from my body. And now we have earned this:

Some SFW pictures under the cut. )
(I was going to write up a separate post here about Carter's birthday, but instead I think I will crosspost what I wrote to him in his blog.)

A letter to my son on his first birthday. )
I'm getting close to the end of my stay in Portland, and it's been a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to seeing Doug on Thursday, though. He's stopping off here on his way to India. We both leave Saturday morning, heading different directions. I'm finally going home, and I'm basically glad. It's been a really interesting experience to travel so much this summer. I think I have a better understanding of what Doug's life is like now.

Living out my urban fantasy... )

And I had a birthday! )

So that is a really amazing gift, and I'm still stunned. I'm thinking 35 is getting off to a great start. :-)

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